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photos by me, EY & MC
WARNING: IMAGE HEAVY. My final Palm Springs post! Yahoo! I'm sorry for dragggggging this out for so long but I just felt like the Ace Hotel deserved a post of its own. I've whittled the plethora of images down to a measly (not really...) 22 photos. SO. About the hotel.... resort? Hotel? Both? I loved the vibe as soon as we pulled up. The staff are soooo chill and everybody there were the epitome of California style aka casual aka relaxed aka duuuuuude, lets go get another beer. To me the target audience seemed to be aiming towards young, mature (?) adults and older. There were several cute quirks I loved about the place. The photo booth in the lobby, chilled cucumber water available all day, the diner, FREE INTERNET (so hard to come by in hotels), ping pong tables by the pool, movie theater, doggy park (such a cute idea), HOT towel boys, even HOTTER girls coming by everyday to refill your minibar, late pool hours, Karaoke nights in the bar, free bikes during your stay, hammocks (although they slightly terrify me...), and the fact that Perez Hilton stayed there a couple of days beforehand. Gotta love the celebrity names added to your guest list right ACE? ;) xxx

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