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the last of it

(Topshop dress & OPI 'Ski Teal We Drop' nail polish)(Kain pocket tee, Forever 21 sunglasses, MAC Media lipstick, mom's old necklace)
(Topshop dress, Bakers boots, Value Village belt)
photos by EY & GM
Many apologies! The excuse of me being sick will probably become overused on this blog as I am just a v weak individual! So I apologize in advance. Anyway, these are the last few specks of sunshine filled photos. I've got one more Palm Springs post to do though but it'll be dedicated to the hotel. The last few days were filled with swimming (maybe more like wading?) in the pool, taking advantage of the photo booth in the hotel (it's hard fitting 3 girls in a tiny space!), and pretending to ride bikes after a cinnamon french toast late snack at the diner. Awww yeah ;) xxx


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