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Tuesday, 26 October 2010


(Jovovich-Hawk dress, random spotted tights, Bakers boots, vintage clutch,
La Dama necklace, MAC Russian Red lipstick)

photos by MC, me, & EY
Turning 21 is a pretty big deal. JN is the last in our group to hit that mark so we decided to take her to Guu (she'd never been before) to let her experience a Japanese izakaya. This type of Japanese restaurant is like a pub; loud, casual, rowdy, and exciting. The food is amazing and it has been rightfully dubbed the slogan "Guu is guu'd". I frequent the Guu on Robson Street more so than the one in Gastown which is why I was SO happy to try this new dessert. It's called the hot stone sweets and it's basically made up of french baguette and custard served in a searing hot stone bowl with a HUGE dollop of genuine coconut ice cream. IT. WAS. A-MAZING. I dare you to tell me I'm wrong xxx

P.S. Oh and look, there goes my signature pose again...
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  1. Your dress is stunning! I love it!!!!


  2. Lovely outfit, you look great!

  3. I love the boots and the outfit is great!

  4. Vikki, 3at4, Pink Stilettos - Thank you! xxx