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hidden garden.


[ Red Velvet Bites, Ginger Snaps, and Chocolate Chip Cookies all by Hidden Garden Foods ]

Being a small portioned eater, I'm always looking for options that are delicious, portable, and easily incorporated with the other usual suspects in my fridge. I first tried these cookies when a friend of mine raved to me that they're red velvet AND are made of beets. I was thoroughly confused, intrigued, and quickly a fan. Doing a little research, I was so glad to see that Hidden Garden are a Canadian company catering to the burgeoning group of gluten free foodies and snack lovers alike. Better yet, these cookies have a hidden half serving of vegetables in them. Perplexed? A little more info below:

Red Velvet Bites: Perfectly paired in the morning with my ritual breakfast of yogurt, granola, and a cup of tea. These beet bites provide you with Vitamins A and C while the red velvet adds a touch of sweetness to balance the tart taste of yogurt! So good with a glass of milk also.

Ginger Snaps: While the taste of ginger snaps aren't usually my favourite, the subtle hidden half serving of butternut squash makes me more open to the idea. I'll definitely be bringing these with me to picnics and cute patio get togethers with my girlfriends. The squash snaps come in a resealable pouch so that makes transportation a lot easier.

Chocolate Chip Cookies: These hidden pumpkin cookies might be my favourite out of all three. I found myself grabbing for these sweet treats more than once for a midnight snack! They're so super delicious with just the right amount of sweetness. Definitely my top choice.

Eat them separately in individual scenarios or altogether in a pick and mix situation, just remember not to feel too guilty with each bite because you're feeding yourself some veggies at the same time! Special thanks to Julianna, Hidden Garden, and Trugs Gourmet Foods!


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