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lavender skies of vancouver.


[ Alexander Wang lacquered tweed jacket, Lorick NY ribbon top, my sister's old Guess jeans, Zara pumps ]

[ Bling - bracelets by Hermès and Pandora, Essie nail polish in 'Power Clutch' ]

Photos by Spencer Varsek

Is everyone in Vancouver prepared for the looming snowstorm that's said to be approaching? I certainly am not. Nor do I welcome it as I prefer to wear as little layers as possible along with shoes that don't require such thick, wooly socks that a snowshoe might. These photos were taken on Chinese New Year weekend when my city was going through a couple warmer days where we were getting absolutely beautiful sunsets prompting even the shyest of photographers to pull out their iPhones to snap a quick picture. Myself included. Worn here is my newly favourite jacket with the most peculiar of textures by Alexander Wang, along with my beautiful thick, silk top by Lorick NY that recently resurfaced into my wardrobe. I adore the sharp chartreuse yellow juxtaposed with the deep blue navy on the underside of the sash. The top and jacket are so overtly pretty that I de-beautified them with my sister's old pair of rugged jeans that are currently held together by only a few sinews of thread. Bad news for me as these jeans are the only piece of denim I own - in the pants department anyway. Slipped on my black pumps and voilà, I was ready for CNY dinner!


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