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milky way.


[ Style Stalker 'Time Travel' cutout dress, Aldo heels, Deathly Hallows necklace ]

Photos by Stevy Pyne

Designers and creative types alike who really take the time to come up with a style name totally worthy of the piece itself deserves a real and virtual-emoji handclap. They get bonus points when they also get creative in the colour department. Using this Style Stalker dress as a perfect example, the name 'time travel' has been given to it and I can only imagine one would always need a tightly fitting white dress & well ventilated axilla due to full optimization of slits/cutouts in whatever time you're traveling to. As for the colour, these Aussies must have tapped my cranium at some point because they've named it after my favourite childhood drink: milk. I was actually a little hesitant about this dress but after a little cajoling from Stevy, I decided to wear it to his pre-tour party at the Mondrian. It was here that I realized how useful swing sets are in showing off cutout details. Standard playground ones will do although ones that are covered in velvet don't hurt.
Stevy's on tour now with Ke$ha so all you fellow band aids better check out their schedule and catch a few gigs! 


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