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white wash.


[ Brandy Melville hoodie, Stone Cold Fox Chain Lace top, ARE YOU AM I Mrin skirt, Proenza Schouler sandals, House of Harlow sunglasses, Vere Verto x Personnel NY Apporto bag ]

Shot at the Vincent Lamouroux installation at the Sunset Pacific Motel, Silverlake by Steve Pyne

Such a clean blank space Lamouroux made for us here in LA. Albeit brief, I definitely dug it. The limewash is apparently not harmful to the swaying palms and will lift from Silverlake in a natural progression so yay. This lustrous silk top is such a mesmerizing heavy weight chain lace that I needed to scum it up with some pavement and leather. I don't think I've worn a tube top since highschool so I'm glad SCF lets me relive those days in a more grown up way. And here is my induction to the Proenza alter in the form of these deliciously chunky gladiator sandals. Choosing between the black and white option was a tough one but I figured I should probably increase that 2:1 ratio, respectively.


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