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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

fno vancouver.


[ Kain t-shirt & 3.1 Phillip Lim skirt  ]

Photos by myself & Tomás Uribe

I know I'm about a month or so late in posting photos for FNO and have feelings of guilt but better late than never! It was Vancouver's first Fashion's Night Out with many more to come. Tons of retailers participated including Jennyfleur with her little clothing truck shop, Secret Location giving out cute gift bags of tea, and newly added boutique TODAY, had a popcorn machine making snacks while everyone shopped. Most of my time was spent at Ishara and their complimentary brow, beauty, & blow bar on their upper floor.

Outfit of choice was my Phillip Lim skirt in this rad paisley print and my beaten up Kain t-shirt. I just love how Lim took such an ordinarily ugly print such as paisley and slapped it onto this bright, bold magenta slab of a background and made a bubble skirt out of it. Then proceeded to add tiny flecks of gold in between. 
Genius, right?

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