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Sunday, 1 July 2012


Hanging rug, Downtown LA
Colours, Tiara Cafe
Lightening bolt earring
Creases & quilts
Tomato bruschetta & grilled artichokes, Bottega Louie
Embossed bill & marble table
Weaknesses, House of Tennessee
Cacti attack, neighbour's yard
Photos by Stevy Pyne

[ Momma's jean jacket, Kain t-shirt, AA pants ]

As I recall, these photographs were taken on a Sunday as well. I remember this because my outfit choices was based around my excitement that I'd be going to see Grease at the graveyard later that night. I could have gone as pre-Greaser Sandra Dee with my circle skirt but my petticoat refused to fit in my luggage. So this is me trying to interpret bad ass Sandy with the basics I had with me. All black with touches of red and I even put on my bolt earrings to give John Travolta and Grease Lightning an homage. How cheesy am I?! Let's not focus on that. Anyway, I was obviously too eager as tickets were sold out before we could get them so Stevy decided to take me to the Fashion District downtown. We had mimosas at Tiara Cafe before perusing the ridiculous amount of fabric spools and having odd conversations about my waist with a nice Korean salesman. Then came the beautiful heaven that is Bottega Louie, where everything from their desserts to their take home boxes to their bathroom flowers are beautifully presented. I really have high respect for people and places that pay attention to detail. A good amount of time was spent there purely sitting and admiring our surroundings. I probably would have stayed there for an awkward amount of time solely reading each dessert description. Thank god Stevy is so much more decisive than I am; he made me wrap up my order pronto. Probably for the best as I had more time to fondle my new ballet flatforms and introduce a Louie Pink Lady to them. 
I just can't stop with these Grease references.
Happy Canada Day!


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  1. great photos!


  2. You and Stevy make a pretty good photo team- can't wait to see what else you guys do!

  3. this is a very cute combination, and great photos. keep on with good work :)

  4. sooo jealous you got the JC's x Wildfox ballet platforms! i've been lusting after them for months

    1. Hurry to Solestruck! Or the Wildfox website! They still have them I believe. Good luck! xxox

  5. Great photos! I love the last one.(: