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photos by Melanie, Eunice, and I
[ Elizabeth and James Scarlet Dress, Topshop necklace, House of Harlow earrings ]

Celebrated Eunice's birthday at HouseXGuest (located in Gastown) last week with cotton candy red velvet cupcakes, lobster and waffles, numerous Samurai shots, laughter, and beautiful people. My dress of choice makes me feel like a character from Star Trek. Uhura specifically. With the turtle neck and vertical pleats at the shoulder. Although I like the fact that I can wear it backwards with the risky slit in the front rather than the back. My gift! To my kind friend came in a big fuchsia box from Holts. A Kate Spade clutch drenched in gold glitter and an adorable card from Papyrus. I like Papyrus for cards. They always have such good presentation.

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